These Distractions Are Ruining Your Photos

July 10, 2021

As a photographer, we’re trained to see things differently. When we place subjects into a frame, we’re looking for more than a pretty background. We’re looking at lighting, the shadows, the emotion, and the surrounding area. What exactly are we looking for? The answer is: anything that could distract from the subjects. The sole focus of portraits, after all, should be you

Still, glaring distractions are super common. These are the most common visual distractions I see in portrait photos. Minimizing these attention hogs is one of the fastest ways to improve the way your images look!


Location Issues


It’s like the real estate rule. Location, location, location. If your backdrop has a lot going on, then the images are bound to have some built in distractions. For outdoor sessions, that could be things like trashcans and telephone poles. For in home sessions, it might be the water bottle on the nightstand, or the pile of mail on the counter.

While we can’t avoid all distractions, any good photographer will know how to minimize them.

Luckily for us, in home distractions are often easy to move. Simply tuck the water bottle in a cabinet and voila! Distraction be gone. Alternatively, I could photograph the subject directly in front of it, blocking the view. Or, I might even remove that water bottle in Photoshop after the fact! We have options!

This is one reason why your pre-session consultation is so important. It gives me an opportunity to see potential distractions ahead of time! This means we can spend more of your session time actually photographing, and it means more of your images will have an artistic, distraction-free touch.


Wardrobe Malfunctions


Wrinkles, logos, bra straps…all of these are things that will distract from your beautiful faces and close knit connections! This is why I work closely with my own clients to plan wardrobes in advance. 

Keep your wardrobe simple and stick to simple, soft colors that mesh well with your home decor. Some of my favorites are the colors named after foods: wine, sage, mustard, and so on. When all else fails, go with neutrals!




A well-crafted watch or a treasured timepiece from your grandpa is a far cry from your Apple watch. Digital trackers can also quickly date your photos. Keep things classic and simple. Less is more because the focus is on your faces and your relationships!

Having great photos starts with feeling your best. Are you ready for your own in home family photo session? Get in touch, and we can make this magic happen!




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