Why Pre-Session Consults are Everything

May 26, 2021

I want to share my secret sauce for photos you love, and that’s your Pre-Session Consultation. Read on to find out what you can expect!


Photo Sessions are an Investment


I don’t take lightly that you’ve chosen me to photograph you, so my role is to make sure that I am using all my skills to bring out the very best of your personality in the photos I create that will hang in your home!

Photo sessions are a commitment of your time and money. You might be taking time off of work, giving up precious weekend time, getting fresh hair and nails, or even buying new outfits for this experience. I want to take special care of the investment you’re making. No cut corners here.


Getting to Know You


The more we chat, the better your photos get. Within reason of course. I don’t mean we have to hang out until 2 a.m telling our life stories to each other.

It’s simple. Knowing you and your family members better means understanding your preferences and tastes better. This includes what you love in photos, and what you don’t.

Oh, and that dreamy, authentic style of photography you love? It requires some degree of familiarity. Let’s get the “letting your guard down” thing out of the way now, before the shutter starts clicking. Plus, it might make the difference between kids smiling or being on stranger-danger alert.

Even for my clients that I have worked with many times, we still have a pre-session consult (though it tends to be briefer) because things can change as the years go by. It’s not unusual for children to go through stages where they are especially shy or sensitive about being photographed. Talking through these things can help us prepare for any concerns you have either during the session or afterward in the editing process.


What to Wear


I’m all about people dressing like themselves, but there are some types of clothing that photograph better than others. Your consultation is a time where we can actually get hands on, looking at pieces for each family member.

No matter what, we don’t start the photo session until you feel confident. It’s so important that what you are wearing feels makes you feel good, and matches the vision in your head.




Part of what makes an in home session so amazing is that we can capture your family in their element. No matter if you’ve got a unicorn- or guitar- or dragons- or art-loving kiddo, we can devise some activities that highlight their interests and hobbies. Our consultation is the time where we figure out what your activities are that we’ll be photographing!


The Best Part? I Can Come to You!


For clients within an hour or so drive, I can come to you for this pre-session consult! No need to dress up or clean anything for my visit. The point is to make it convenient after all!

Video chat is also a great backup option if you live a little farther out, or are traveling from out of town.

Either way, it’s an amazing opportunity to unlock the full potential of your photo session. I’m excited to talk about what you envision, and I can’t wait to see what we create together.


Haven’t Booked a Photo Session Yet?


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