When to Use a Professional Camera Vs. a Cell Phone

August 7, 2021

Can you even remember a day when you didn’t have a computer/phone/camera in your pocket? Over the years, cell phones have become our mainstay and have totally reshaped our worlds. Are these changes good or bad in terms of how we take photos?  Let’s dive into that a bit more.   There’s No Doubt; Cell Phone […]

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These Distractions Are Ruining Your Photos

July 10, 2021

As a photographer, we’re trained to see things differently. When we place subjects into a frame, we’re looking for more than a pretty background. We’re looking at lighting, the shadows, the emotion, and the surrounding area. What exactly are we looking for? The answer is: anything that could distract from the subjects. The sole focus […]

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Past, Present, and Future: How to Organize ALL your Photos!

June 24, 2021

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of photos everywhere. On your phone, on your desktop, on your hard drive; oh, and then there’s your old laptop and cellphone from “before iCloud” that you know you have some photos on that you really need to do something with…. Yikes. How to organize all […]

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Getting Candid About Posed vs Prompted Photos

May 19, 2021

Ready to get out of a family photo rut? Let’s break down candid vs. posed photos, and talk about how to prepare for your most memorable photo session yet!   But first, a flashback…   Remember those awful school photos they used to make us take? The ones with world globes, lasers, or American flags […]

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3 Reasons Why Photos Look Different Online

December 27, 2020

Sometimes when you go to post a photo only, it just looks plain BAD. Here, I’m listing a few reasons why photos look different online, and how you can fix them!   3 Reasons Why Photos Look Different Online   If you’ve ever had a photo that you truly love, you may have tried to […]

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Photography Is For Camera Shy People Too

December 27, 2020

Let’s talk about camera shyness and how to overcome it. Photography is for the camera shy people too, and I’m here to tell you why! Lots of people may be carrying around the label “camera shy.” Perhaps they’ve never scheduled a session, or they avoid looking at the camera. I think photography can still be […]

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