When to Use a Professional Camera Vs. a Cell Phone

August 7, 2021

Can you even remember a day when you didn’t have a computer/phone/camera in your pocket? Over the years, cell phones have become our mainstay and have totally reshaped our worlds. Are these changes good or bad in terms of how we take photos?  Let’s dive into that a bit more.


There’s No Doubt; Cell Phone Cameras are Getting Better


With every ideation of a phone, the technology inside becomes slicker, better, faster. There is better functionality and better editing tools; they certainly have listened to the needs of the people when it comes to taking photos on the fly with a cell phone. There are even creative settings like blurring the background (what we call bokeh) and different focal lengths you can use to improve composition.

However, if you’ve ever tried to take a photo with a cell phone at night or in low light situations,  of a fast-moving subject (ahem, children), or in a very backlit situation, I bet you’ve struggled. There’s no doubt that a pro camera has much better features for taking great photos than our multi-functioning phones. 


Your Eye Sees More than the Camera


Have you ever put the camera to your face to capture some amazing scenery, only to look at the photo later and think, “that didn’t capture it at all”. Many people think it’s them, that they just aren’t a great photographer, but the truth is it’s the camera’s limitations. This is called “dynamic range,” and the rods and cones in our eyes have much better sensitivity than a camera sensor.

Dynamic range is what you see when a photo has many values; light to dark, subtle colors to popping colors. Cell phone cameras have come a long way, but pro cameras have vastly superior dynamic range compared to cell phones.

In addition, pro cameras have bigger sensors that let in more light, which means more detail in the data of the photo. Simply put, you have much more creative control over the output when controlling how much light the camera uses. That, combined with the ability to use different lenses, means that a pro camera gives you more artistic control over the output.  


It’s All About The Details


Have you ever printed out a photo that you took on your phone and looked nothing like what you saw on your phone screen? That’s because cell phones don’t have a ton of data or information, in the little x’s and o’s that make up a photo. While they have improved quite a lot over the years, when it comes to printing out your photos for the walls, you’ll have trouble doing that with most cell phone photos.

Professional cameras have much more information in a photo, which means that I can also crop or edit more artistically while still printing out large wall portraits.


Cell Phones Are Fine for the Little Things


Because of its portability and ease of use, I love using my cell phone for capturing everyday moments that I might not have recorded because my camera wasn’t at hand. It’s perfect for a fun selfie with friends or capturing the cute thing your cat did today.

But when it comes to the *BIG little* memories, the memories of the people you love, then nothing will do but the best. These all-important photos are meant to be shared, printed out, hung up on the wall, and loved.

Looking for photos of the people you love? I’d love to talk to you more about capturing your relationship in a relaxed in-home photo session that will leave you with a lifetime of memories. Get in touch here to book! 




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