How to Prepare for Your Photography Session

October 30, 2020

Here I’m sharing a few tips on how to prepare for your family portrait session. Keep these in mind for session day and make your family photos as magical as possible!


5 Ways to Prepare for a Family Portrait Session


Family photography sessions may be few and far between. To make your session as magical as possible, there are a few ways I recommend preparing for them in advance.


1) Eat Something!


Hanger is a thing, especially for little kids. Make sure to have a square meal before we start, so we can have all the energy we need. In the interest of keeping your outfits crumb-free, try to get your calories in ahead of time if you can, and do one final wipe down- cheeks, nose, mouth, and fingers.


2) Let’s talk clothes.


This is just as important as sustenance. Maybe more! Since you’ll be looking at your family photos for years to come, take the time to get clothes right. For more details on great clothing choices for family photography sessions, check out this related post.

Or simply go with comfy, neutral colored essentials. If you’re planning on using your family photos in wall art, framed portraits, and other print products, these tried and true tones go with everything! This includes most home decor, even as it changes over decades.


3) No one is in trouble.


Generally, I have a hands off approach and will take candid photos of you simply interacting as a family (these are by far my favorite!). If needed, I may also offer a few suggestions for things to do or areas with good lighting to sit, cuddle, or play. If your kids choose not to do those things and have an idea of their own, that’s okay! We will get more natural grins when they are allowed to be themselves, versus getting in trouble for not listening to the photographer lady.


4) You will get breaks!


Don’t stress that you’ll need to be “on” the whole time. This family portrait session is not traditional portraiture. Not everyone will be in every frame, so you can plan on having some down time during the shoot. Relax! Have fun. Make a cocktail. Play some tunes.  Take a few minutes to yourself. Whatever puts you in a good mood goes!


5) Look at each other.


Not at me! It might be a tough habit to break, especially when there’s a lady with a lens hanging out in your space. But family photos aren’t about your connection with the photographer. They’re about your connections as a family. Instead, look lovingly at your partner, and look tenderly at your children. These photos will have so much more meaning.

You can start practicing this now with your next cell phone photo. No worries if it doesn’t come naturally just yet. I’ll gently remind you if you get stuck in a say cheese loop!


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