54 Activity Ideas for In Home Family Candids

May 21, 2023

So you’ve decided you want the cozy, candid feeling of an in-home family photo or family film session. Awesome!

Now it’s time to think about what kind of activities you want to capture. Why?

When a family photo or film session is anchored by a couple of activities, it keeps the action going! That way, you’ll get more interesting photos and films that reflect who your family really is. Plus you’ll enjoy and a wider variety of images and film for a better family album and/or video overall. Books and movies are only as interesting as their plot, right?

But don’t do just any activity! The goal here is to get your family candids to reflect…you guessed it…your family! That’s why part of each pre-session consultation is dedicated to getting to know your family better and finding the best fit. Sometimes we come up with an entirely new idea altogether!


54 Activity Ideas for In Home Family Candids

  1. Drawing or painting
  2. Blowing bubbles
  3. Playing Dress Up and trying on jewelry
  4. Baking Cookies
  5. Playing with playdoh, goo, or kinetic sand
  6. Playing in the sandbox
  7. Giving the dog a bath
  8. Sidewalk Chalk
  9. Practicing handwriting
  10. Reading Books
  11. Play kitchen or restaurant
  12. Be Superheroes
  13. Playing with pets
  14. Taking a nap
  15. Making and eating a snack
  16. Listening to records
  17. Building with legos or blocks
  18. Doing a puzzle together
  19. Bubble bath
  20. Playing on the treehouse or swing set
  21. Backyard Picnic
  22. Shooting hoops
  23. Looking for ladybugs and caterpillars
  24. Yoga
  25. Building a fort
  26. Puppets
  27. Playing dollhouse
  28. Caring for a babydoll
  29. Playing instruments
  30. Tending the garden
  31. Feeding chickens
  32. Writing letters
  33. Getting the mail
  34. Going for a walk
  35. Riding a bike or scooter
  36. Learning to tie shoes
  37. Tag or hide-n-seek
  38. Backyard bonfire
  39. Backyard camping
  40. Learning to swim
  41. Sprinkler play or slip-n-sliding
  42. Board Games
  43. Cuddling with a Movie and Popcorn
  44. Dance party
  45. Looking at old family photos together
  46. Sleepover
  47. Shadow puppets
  48. Getting dressed and ready for the day
  49. Cooking dinner together
  50. Painting nails
  51. Braiding hair
  52. Playing with stuffed animals
  53. Doing the laundry
  54. Stargazing



There you have it!


That’s all 54 activity ideas for in home family candids!

Am I missing any good ones? Which sound like the most like your family? Remember, whatever you choose, your in home session will be absolutely beautiful.

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